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Monday, 25 March 2013

Carpet Cleaning Elwood - Have You Got Dust Mites in Your Mattress?

Were you aware that there are thousands if not millions of dust mites sleeping with you in your bed every night? Dust mites feed on our dead skin cells that we shed every day mainly when we sleep. This is due to a nasty little allergen called DER P1. This can cause allergic reactions such as eczema right through to respiratory problems.
Although sunlight is great for killing the mites, it isn't the only solution to killing dust mites. The problem is, if you will leave your rugs and carpeting in the sun for a few hours, it will only kill the dust mites. However, you're still stuck with the waste that’s left behind in your carpeting and rugs. This is what will trigger an allergic reaction. 

As the dust mite’s allergen is soluble, this can be washed away with either a normal washing machine cycle or with the high powered machines that carpet steam cleaners use for cleaning mattresses and carpet. Either way, the hotter the water (that’s used during the wash process), the better!


So although sun light does kill dust mites and is an important process in the cleaning stage, it doesn't take care of the whole problem. It's not only about getting rid of the dust mites but also about getting rid of the waste that they leave behind. That's what causes allergic reactions.
Now according to some experts dust mites only really can cause problems for those who are allergic to them. So if you're one of those unfortunate people who have an allergic reaction to dust mites, you may want to look at ways of cleaning mattresses, pillows and upholstered furniture.


The best way to do that by far is to have them professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning business. They use high-powered machines along with hot water and special chemicals to remove the deep down allergens that cause havoc to you and your family.

The cheaper alternative is to take your mattresses outside and give it good hose down and wash them thoroughly with soap. Just be prepared that you have to allow for a minimum of 12 hours dry time. This can be a major hassle to some people however those on a tight budget this could be best option for you. To have a mattress professionally steam cleaned by most carpet cleaning companies they generally start around the $50 mark (our carpet cleaning Elwood team charge around $70) and go up from there depending on the size of the mattress.


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