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Friday, 27 December 2013

Why Everybody Should Own Clean Carpets in Elwood

If you're in Elwood and wants clean carpets is no excuse nowadays with the amount of professionals out there cleaning carpets. Great news a few is Vanda cleaning services operate in Elwood now and are transforming carpets left right and centre. Lots of people don't get their carpets cleaned on a regular basis meaning there is a lot of bacteria and build-up which needs to be removed with hot water extraction.

Vanda cleaning services will pre-spray the carpet with a citrus based product which will break down the carpet fibre and soil making the hot water extraction process a lot easier. Secondly, we will steam clean the carpets but prior to that we will do a quick spot clean throughout generally using a solvent or a protein remover. Spot cleaning is important prior to steam cleaning because if the spot Sun removed they will attract more dirt after the cleaning process has been completed.

There are quite a lot of apartments in Elwood, which means that there is quite a lot of tenants as well. To keep your landlord and real estate agent happy it's important to clean your carpets on a regular basis. This will also make getting your bond back when you move out of the property 10 times easier, especially if you can prove with receipts provided by Vanda cleaning services to say that your carpets have been cleaned on a regular basis. This will definitely win points with any landlord or real estate agent, as this will show you've gone that extra mile to clean the carpets and keep your home clean and hygienic. Check out

Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be expensive either. Most professional firms generally start pricing around the $70 mark through typical one-bedroom apartment. You may incur costs for stain removal or spot removal but generally most companies are quite transparent and will mention all the pricing over the phone when you make a booking. So stop putting off having clean carpets and contact Vanda cleaning services today for a free quote.


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